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YITO rainbow film can be used as a single layer packaging, but also can be combined with a variety of materials after application. Rainbow film usually has a shiny, shimmering or rainbow color effect, making the product packaging more eye-catching and attractive to consumers.
YITO is a eco friendly biodegradable Manufacturers&Suppliers,building circular economy, focus on the biodegradable and compostable products offering customized biodegradable and compostable products, Competitive Price,welcome to customize!

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Holographic Rainbow Film


The thickness of the rainbow film is between 16u-36u, and the main color system includes three series of products: red background green light, blue background golden light, blue background purple light. Rainbow film is a multi-layer film, it makes full use of the principle of light interference, in the light irradiation, the refraction between the layers and interference between the layers of multi-angle layer color change, like the sky rainbow effect. The magic effect of rainbow film is that the rich light effect of the rainbow film substrate itself at different distances and different angles will show completely different magic effects.

iridescent film-102-2
Item Holographic Rainbow Film
Material PET
Size 1030mm * 3000m
Color Red or Blue
Packing 16 microns
Delivery 30 days more or less
Certificates EN13432
Sample time 7 days
Feature Compostable & Biodegradable
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