Confectionery Application

Use cellulose Bags or Cello Bags to Bag Treats or Bag Sweets, Candies, Chocolate, Cookies, Nuts, etc. Just fill the bags with your product and close. The bags can be closed by a heat sealer, twist ties, ribbon, yarn, wrapphia or fabric strips.

Cellophane bags do not shrink, but are heat sealable and are FDA approved for food use. All cellophane clear bags are food safe.

Application For Confectionery

1. Confectionery is manufactured in many shapes and sizes. The challenge is in selecting the right packaging film for the application.

2. A film that provides a tight twist on individual candies without causing static during wrapping is essential for high speed machines

3. A glossy transparent film for box overwrap that is able to protect its contents while enhancing consumer appeal

4. A flexible film that can be used as a monoweb for bags or laminated to other materials for strength

5. A compostable metallised film providing the ultimate barrier and premium feel

6. Our films are suitable for easy to open sweet bags, pouches, individually wrapped sugar candies or to protectively overwrap chocolates.

Clear Compostable Cellophane Bags

How long do cellophane bags last?

Cellophane typically decomposes in about 1–3 months, depending on its disposal's environmental factors and conditions. According to research, a buried cellulose film without a coating layer takes only 10 days to one month to degrade.

Why Use cellulose Films for Confectionery?

Excellent natural dead-fold

Excellent barrier to water vapour, gases and aroma

Excellent barrier to mineral oils

Controlled slip and naturally anti-static for enhanced machinability

A range of moisture barriers to suit product requirements

High level of stability and durability

Superior gloss and clarity

Color print friendly

Wide range of sparkling colours for on-shelf differentiation

Strong seals

Sustainable, Renewable and Compostable

Can be laminated to other biodegradable materials

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