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PET film --TDS

PET Film

PET film, or polyethylene terephthalate film, is a transparent and versatile plastic known for its strength, chemical resistance, and recyclability. Widely used in packaging, electronics, and various industries, PET film offers clarity, durability, and is suitable for applications requiring barrier properties and printability.


Material Description

Printing /Corona adjustable ; 


PET is often transparent, making it suitable for clear packaging and various optical applications.


Use FSC (reclaimed forest) pure wood pulp manufacturing, a transparent appearance and film like paper, natural trees as raw materials, non-toxic, burning paper taste,It can be touch with food;

Obtained Certificate FSC of registration.


Typical physical performance parameters

Item Test method Unit Test Results
Material  -  - PET
Thickness  - micron 17
Tensile strength  GB/T 1040.3 MPa 228
 GB/T 1040.3 MPa 236
Elongation at break  GB/T 1040.3 % 113
 GB/T 1040.3 % 106
Density  GB/T 1033.1 g/cm³ 1.4
Wetting tension(inside/outside)
mN/m ≥40
Base Layer(PET)  8 Micro -
Glue Layer(EVA)  8  Micro -
Width   - MM 1200
Length   - M 6000


It has excellent mechanical strength, making it durable and resistant to tearing or puncturing.


It is highly recyclable, contributing to environmental sustainability efforts;


It accepts printing, allowing for branding, labeling, and decorative applications;

Both sides have applicability to inks and adhesives;


Ideal gloss and transparency;


Both average gauge and yield are controlled to better than ± 5% of the nominal values. The crossfilm thickness;profile or variation will not exceed ± 3% of the average gauge.

Main Application

Widely used in electronic displays, food packaging,  medical field, labels; The versatility and desirable properties of PET film make it a preferred choice in a wide range of sectors.

Used in food packaging, beverage containers, and consumer goods packaging due to its transparency, strength, and barrier properties.


Applied in the medical field for products like X-ray films, medical packaging, and diagnostic imaging.


Found in diverse industrial applications such as tapes, adhesives, and industrial graphics.


Commonly used for labels and decals in industries like cosmetics and product branding.

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What is the PET film used for?

It is transparent, has excellent mechanical strength, chemical resistance, and is lightweight. It also offers good temperature resistance, recyclability, and printability. 

Is PET film recyclable?

Yes, PET film is highly recyclable.  Recycled PET (rPET) is commonly used to produce new products, contributing to sustainability efforts.

Is PET film safe for food packaging?

Yes, PET film is approved for food contact and is widely used in food packaging due to its inert nature and excellent barrier properties.

What is PET film?

PET film, or polyethylene terephthalate film, is a type of plastic film known for its transparency, strength, and versatility. It is widely used in packaging, electronics, and various other applications.

Packing Requirement
The two sides of the package are reinforced with cardboard or foam, and the
whole periphery is wrapped with air cushion and wrapped with stretch film;
All around and at the top of the wooden support are sealed with stretch film,
and the product certificate is pasted on the outside, indicating the product name,
specification, batch number, length, number of joints, production date, factory
name, shelf life, etc.Inside and outside the package must be clearly marked the
direction of unwinding.

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