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Recyclable packaging: This is packaging made of materials that can be used again, usually after processing. We offer the world's most sustainable packaging - recycled, recyclable and naturally biodegradable packaging to ensure you can be proud of how you ship. Our solutions include BOPE bag,PE bag,EVOH bag,kraft paper bag - all of which meet our rigorous standards for sustainable packaging.Work with us on unique high volume custom projects.

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What is eco-friendly plastic packaging?

Green packaging, also called sustainable packaging, uses materials and manufacturing techniques to diminish energy use and reduce the harmful impacts of packaging on the environment. Green packing solutions often include biodegradable and recyclable materials in preference to materials like plastic and Styrofoam.

What are the benefits of recyclable packaging?

Compostable Food Pouches

These recyclable packaging materials are: PaperCardboardGlass. Some plastics – Examples of recyclable plastics are PET bottles, milk jugs, shampoo bottles, ice cream tubs, takeaway tubs, plastic utensils, and plastic bags.

The benefits of using recyclable packaging are considerable as they save raw materials, manufacturing energy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Having the ability to recycle packaging has also allowed our society to create economic activity and new industrial infrastructure around it.

Compostable and bioplastic goods can be a better choice than biodegradable ones, but often still end up in landfills unless you can compost appropriately. Why? There's an important difference between what makes conventional plastics, biodegradable plastics, and bioplastic–and what happens when we're done using them.

At its very essence, eco-friendly or sustainable packaging is packaging that's recyclable, safe for people and the planet, and is made from recycled materials. Sustainable packaging uses materials and manufacturing practices that have minimal impact on natural resources and energy consumption.

What are the benefits of recyclable packaging?

Consumers can reuse organic fabric bags instead of plastic bags. Cardboard boxes can be innovatively designed to encourage buyers to turn the containers into keepsakes. Air pillows are alternatives to bubble wrap and polystyrene and serve as a reusable cushioning material for packing.

Recycling labels tell you what type of packaging a product has and whether the packaging is recyclable. If it is recyclable, the label will also show whether you can pop the packaging in your household recycling bin or if you'll need to take it to your local recycling centre.

How can YITO help your business build a truly sustainable packaging strategy?

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