The 'best fit' applications for compostable films

Fully compostable customized packaging applications

YITO is one of the global leader in the manufacture and distribution of cellulose films. Our unique product offerings allow us to serve a wide range of markets running the spectrum from food to medical, to industrial applications.

We are a local company that can service global markets. We cannot solve all plastic waste problems. But our offering is a range of compostable films that provide an excellent sustainable alternative to conventional plastic packaging films, and if used for the right applications, can help to divert plastic waste from landfill.

What are the 'best fit' applications for compostable films?

Simply put - where recycling doesn't work, composting is the complementary solution. This includes small format applictions that cannot be recyclied like confectionery packaging, sachets, tear strips, fruit labels,food containers and tea bag. As well as items contaminated by food, like coffee bag, sandwich / bread paper bags, fruit trays and ready meal lidding.

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