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Looking for custom biodegradable plastic cigar bags to provide to your event attendees? Supplying cigar bags promoting your event—along with a cigar makes—for a great gift.

We specialize in various biodegradable packing and custom printed biodegradable bags for the tobacco and cigar industry including: Laminated Stand up Pouches for private label or roll your own tobacco, custom print, custom sizes or plain stock; Reclosable Zip Bags, custom printed with your store or brand information; Reclosable Slider Bags, custom printed with your store or brand information; Retail Shopping Bags; and Your Logo Printed Bags

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What is Cellophane?

Cellophane is regenerated cellulose manufactured into a thin transparent sheet. Cellulose is derived from the cell walls of plants such as cotton, wood, and hemp. Cellophane is not plastic, although it’s often mistaken for plastic.  

Cellophane is very effective at protecting surfaces from grease, oil, water, and bacteria. Because water vapor can permeate cellophane, it’s ideal for cigar packaging. Cellophane is biodegradable and is widely utilized in food packaging.

Cellophane Cigar Wrappers

Cellophane wrappers can be found on most cigars; due to not being petroleum-based, cellophane isn’t classed as plastic. The material is produced from renewable materials such as wood or hemp, or it’s created through a series of chemical processes, so it’s fully biodegradable and compostable.

The wrapper is semi-permeable, allowing water vapour to pass through. The wrapper will also generate an internal environment similar to a microclimate; this allows the cigar to breathe and slowly age.

Wrapped cigars that are over a decade old will often taste much better than cigars that have aged without a cellophane wrapper. The wrapper will protect the cigar from climate fluctuations and during general processes such as transportation.

Product Features

Item Wholesale biodegradable cigar bags tobacco cellophane bags
Material cellulose
Size Custom
Color Any
Packing colored box packed with slide cutter or customised
MOQ 10000pcs
Delivery 30 days more or less
Certificates FSC
Sample time 10 days
Feature 100% Compostable and Biodegradable made of wood
biodegradable packing bag

The Real Benefits of Cellophane on Cigars

1. Although the natural sheen of a cigar’s wrapper is partially obscured by a cellophane sleeve in the retail environment, cellophane provides many practical benefits when it comes to shipping cigars and displaying them for sale.

2. If a box of cigars is accidentally dropped, cellophane sleeves create an added buffer around each cigar inside the box to absorb unwanted shocks, which can cause a cigar’s wrapper to crack. In addition, improper handling of cigars by customers is less of an issue with cellophane. No one wants to put a cigar in his or her mouth after somebody’s fingerprints have covered it from head to foot. Cellophane creates a protective barrier when customers touch cigars on store shelves.

3. Cellophane provides other advantages for cigar retailers. One of the biggest is barcoding. Universal bar codes can easily be applied to cellophane sleeves, which is a huge convenience for product identification, monitoring inventory levels, and reordering. Scanning a barcode into a computer is much faster than manually counting the back stock of single cigars or boxes.

4. Some cigar-makers will wrap their cigars partially with tissue paper or rice paper as an alternative to cellophane. In this way, barcoding and handling issues are addressed, while a cigar’s wrapper leaf is still visible in the retail environment.

5. Cigars also age in a more uniform capacity when the cello is left on. Some cigar lovers prefer the effect, others don’t. It often depends on a particular blend and your preferences as a cigar lover. Cellophane turns a yellowish-amber color when stored for a long time. The color is any easy indicator of aging.

Biodegradable Bag for Tobacco and Cigar Packing

We offer Best cigar plastic bags, plastic cigar bags, Tobacco packaging bags Compound zipper . 100% Biodegradable Corn Starch Bags Plastic Bags white compostable.

Cigars require proper storage even if they are being transported from a store to your home. They are sensitive to heat and cold and need to be maintained at a certain humidity level. Cigars are fragile and will react to their environment quickly (perfect conditions are 70% humidity at 70 degrees). By using a cigar bag you can insure to preserve the freshness of cigars and prevent them from becoming damaged and or bad.

There’s no doubt that cellophane wrappers add an essential layer of protection to your cigar. It will prevent dust and dirt from contaminating the cigar, which can easily enter a humidor through a variety of unsuspecting ways.

There’s no doubt that cellophane wrappers add an essential layer of protection to your cigar. It will prevent dust and dirt from contaminating the cigar, which can easily enter a humidor through a variety of unsuspecting ways.

Another favourable benefit of cellophane is the microclimate it creates within the wrapper. The slow evaporation allows you to leave your cigar out of your humidor for longer without the risk of it drying out.

How Long do Cigars Stay Fresh in Cellophane?

The cellophane will roughly retain the freshness of the cigar for 30 days. After 30 days, the cigar will start to dry out because of the wrappers’ porous properties allowing air to pass through.

If you keep the cigar within the cellophane wrapper and then place the cigar in a humidor, it will last indefinitely.

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