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Biodegradable trash bags are compostable and designed to break down into compost. Compostable trash bags are tested and certified by BPI to breakdown in less than 90 days in a compost facility. They are strong and durable for most trash collection needs.

YITO is a eco friendly biodegradable Manufacturers & Suppliers, building circular economy, focus on the biodegradable and compostable products, offering customized biodegradable and compostable products , Competitive Price, welcome to customize!


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Compostable self-adhesive transparent packing bag clear pouch disposable rubbish pla cornstarch garbage bags

Biodegradable products break down much faster than other types of products. Biodegradable products break down into carbon dioxide, water vapor, and organic material, which aren't harmful to the environment. Typically, they're made from sustainable materials and plant by-products, such as cornstarch or sugarcane.

Like degradable bags, biodegradable are often still plastic bags that have microorganisms added to break down the plastic. Compostable bags are made of natural plant starch, and do not produce any toxic material. Compostable bags break down readily in a composting system through microbial activity to form compost.

Product Description

Item Custom Printed Biodegradable Compostable PLA Zipper Food Packaging Pouch
Material PLA
Size Custom
Color Any
Packing colored box packed with slide cutter or customised
MOQ 100000
Delivery 30 days more or less
Certificates EN13432
Sample time 7 days
Feature Compostable &biodegradable 
PBAT Trash Bags

Product Features


Eco-friendly material: PLA.

Especially for PLA + PBAT, PLA is derived from corn, 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Customized design is available

We can molding and produce the lid according to customer's design.

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We Can Customize It For You

Our Custom 100% compostable Trash bags will be broken down naturally and not harm to the environment in the process, from raw materials,ink,to finished products can be composted both in-home and industrial environment.

PLA Biodegradable Bag1
PLA Biodegradable Bag custom process

We’re ready to discuss the best sustainable solutions for your business.

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