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Why We Should Use Biodegradable Packaging Material?

Plastic packaging materials are often petroleum-based and have, so far, contributed majorly to environmental issues. You will find these products littering landfills, beaches, waterways, roadsides, and parks. The manufacture of such traditional packaging and shipping materials also requires a high amount of energy and resources, making these solutions non-sustainable.

Using biodegradable packaging will help reduce the amount of plastic used and thrown out. Ultimately, you’ll have helped minimize littering issues related to using plastics.

Eco-friendly packaging is a recent phenomenon which has become a rapidly growing trend. By shifting to green materials you can meet or anticipate your customer’s demands for eco-friendly suppliers.

Making the shift to biodegradable packaging materials is becoming incredibly important for businesses. This is because consumers are more inclined to shop with brands concerned with recycling and are making better environmentally friendly decisions. By adopting biodegradable packaging, you bring the benefits to yourself and the environment.

YITO ECO is a protective packaging solution provider dedicated to manufacturing high-quality ecological packaging products. We have a professional R&D team to bring customers the most cost-effective packaging solutions and bring the greatest economic benefits to customers. Our products are PLA+PBAT disposable biodegradable shopping bags, BOPLA、Cellulose etc. Biodegradable resealable bag, flat pocket bags、zipper bags、kraft paper bags, and PBS, PVA high-barrier multi-layer structure biodegradable composite bags, which are in line with BPI ASTM 6400, EU EN 13432, Belgium OK COMPOST, ISO 14855, national standard GB 19277 and other biodegradation standards.

If you need to customize degradable products, you can check the tips as below:

1 What product needs to be packaged and what effect do you want to achieve?

First of all, the most important point for professional installation package customization is its appearance. You can send us your designs, packaging ideas, desired effects and we will send you our packaging solutions. According to the characteristics of your products, combined with the performance parameters of degradable materials, we provide the best packaging solutions for customers' reference.

2 Can your product be packaged with PLA material?

PLA material is made of corn starch and is often used in food packaging, such as coffee bags, tea bags, garbage bags. There are also food trays for fresh fruits, vegetables and more. The good ductility of PLA is also used in cling film products, shrink labels, tapes, etc. If your product included, you can consider to use PLA material for packaging.

3 Can your product be packaged in cellulose material?

Cellulose film is made of wood fiber and has anti-static and moisture-proof properties. Usually used to make cellulose labels, tapes, candy bags, chocolate packaging, clothes bags, electronic products, etc. If your product included, you can consider to use cellulose materials for packaging. We have FSC Certification, you can print your own FSC LOGO on it.

If you are not sure which material is suitable for your product, don't worry, contact us, we will offer you the best packaging solution, welcome to contact us williamchan@yitolibrary.com!


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Post time: May-27-2022