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Compostable kraft paper pouches are a great natural-look alternative to petroleum-based plastics. Flexible pouches are lightweight and durable – reducing shipping costs and overall carbon footprint. A reclosable zipper ensures that your product stays fresh. The most sustainable packaging the planet has to offer! Perfect for packaging dry foods, health products, subscriptions and refills, as well as non-food items.Yito offer you a variety of Compostable Kraft paper bags to meet your needs and requirements. 100% Compostable Kraft paper bags manufacturers China, wholesale, quality, customized.

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“Compostable” is the blanketed term for any product that can disintegrate into non-toxic, natural elements. Because they break down into natural elements, they cause no harm to the environment. As such, bags that are compostable are becoming an increasingly popular choice in the packaging and manufacturing industries. Generally speaking, the breakdown process of compostable bio-plastics takes about 90 days, which is about how long it takes a single tree leaf to decompose in a compost bin.

NK and NKME is the metal-free and compostable layer to bar off oxygen, moisture, UV light, and odor. Its barrier properties are comparable to aluminum.The outer layer/Printed layer could be Paper, NK(transparent film, allow matte mixed varnish printed like other PET films). Up to 9 color printing.At present, there are a variety of combination schemes of degradable bags, and the minimum order quantity can reach 1000.

Compostable Packaging For Produce

3 Types of Bag Structure

1Material combination: PLA + NKME + PBS
Insulation layer: NKME, the insulation of NKME is at the top level among biodegradable materials, which can well guarantee the taste of coffee beans.

Printing layer: transparent PBS. Due to the excellent properties of PBS, it can be waterproof and 9-color printing as a printing layer.