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1)Meet new material packaging design sharing salon and project meeting

On January 26, sponsored by huizhou yitao cultural media co., LTD., the "meeting new material" packaging design sharing salon and project meeting were successfully concluded. A large number of designers and packaging elites, a group of British, and new materials to a fantastic idea, tianma xingkong encounter, on-site interaction, a warm atmosphere!

The representative introduces two major projects of the new materials library and innovation club. Yi Tao environmental protection new material library focus on packaging and printing and plastic film industry, integration of industry resources, provide the design ideas, new materials, process optimization, the design of packaging one-stop consultancy services, such as landing is committed to build creative space of the packaging industry and new environmental protection material database! Innovation current club members including the four major industries (paper bag, soft bag, electronic printing, label) and four people (packaging managers and development engineers, procurement engineers, designers), the current members are members from four big industry well-known enterprises, promulgated by the demand is rich.

General nguyen of photosynthetic business development guangzhou co., LTD shares his experience and feedback on the application of special paper market

Stora enso, on behalf of manager wang, described the application cases and paper design pain points of tubu niuka

A representative of huizhou yi tao shares the new effect of interactive surface decoration

On behalf of manager zhu, kurtz pressing technology co., LTD shares the case of creative hot stamping design

YITO Chen always shares the new packaging technology, the future packaging concept and mentions the new trend. The future design will increasingly present localization, globalization and internationalization. More and more attention, value, innovation, experience, platform, sharing! Design is becoming a new power of wealth creation. What yi tao wants to do is to be a prophet and a pioneer!

2)A lot of famous printing companies and brands are gathered at Five new exchanges BBS.

On November 25, on Saturday, sponsored by the Yi Tao huizhou culture media co., LTD., guangdong science and technology park co., LTD., national iot cisco incubator business alliance, supply chain co., LTD., the United States and India hengqin packaging frontier for media partners five new communication BBS in huizhou city.with its pliasant grand opening of the incubator base of Internet of things, this BBS assemble packaging printing enterprises, institutions and brands on behalf of about more than 100 professionals, including brand managers, designers, buyers, developers, printing enterprise executives, etc.) to the scene, Such as beauty, Amherst, BiMa, kei, tiger color, CCL, margin with packing, zhou yu, the Great Wall color printing, ferrero, have to add printing, mingfeng packaging, tung choi, dreamworks, rong printing, huizhou huizhou branch, new macro ze packing, the printing association and so on.

Under the new era of the new packing, must be combined with environmental protection, intelligent packaging, digital, personalized, small batch customization, nano printing, visual arts, AR / VR combination, anti-counterfeiting, multi-function, eye movement, and other elements of the cross-border innovation, to provide identification, experience, multiple functions such as logistics, spread.

When a competitor is thinking about how to be a strong mouse, you need to start laying out how to be a cat.

According to the latest Technavio report predicts that global intelligent packaging market will be nearly 8% compound annual rate of growth of more than $2019 by 2019, it is estimated that by 2022 Chinese intelligent packaging industry market size will exceed 11 billion yuan. Under the background of the ever-changing market, industry Yi Tao environmental protection new material library 】 【 new models, as domestic packaging printing and plastic film industry's first environmental protection new material library, for the purpose of integration of industry resources, adhere to the concept of environmental protection, innovation, provide the design ideas, new materials procurement, process optimization, the design of packaging one-stop consultancy services. Committed to building the packaging industry creative space and environmental new materials database!

Zhaodi technology elaborates the unlimited creativity for packaging after digital printing

The intelligent technology of kelly brings the intelligent application of RFID chips to enhance the experience and interaction of consumers!

The printing group standard network for India enterprises to explain how to use the Internet open source and save the flow!

Kurtz hot stamping technology has a new development of cold growth..

Shaoxing tiger color on the hot stamping technology of the wonderful share..

Seven - color pearl powder for packaging brings personalized charm!

This graphic design describes the importance of packaging design...

The site also has the AR display brought by Beijing jf-17 technology co., LTD. 3d UV sample display of shenzhen zhaodi technology co., LTD. Fine paper products of FGD (Shanghai) co., LTD. Kelly smart label display; Tiger color beautiful cold ironing effect display; Display of us-india mission platform, etc.

The participants took a group photo

Innovation and technology lead the industry development! At a time when the packaging industry is looking for a blue ocean, we should encourage cross-boundary innovation, break through the bottleneck and inject new impetus into the packaging and printing industry.